Perspectives from The Canyons

Mother Nature has a way of making one feel miniscual and humbled. We humans are just a speck in geologic time, and we are microscopic in size compared to her massive land formations. Through time and forces of nature, artistic masterpieces that no human could possibly replicate have been created. … Continue reading

Coffee Culture from Colorado to Italy 

The cultural differences of a simple morning coffee ritual in Colorado and Italy. Continue reading

A Fresh Start: Graduating from Blogger to WordPress

Since my first trip to Colombia, South America in 2013, I’ve been keeping a travel blog to record my experiences, thoughts and lessons learned from traveling. I didn’t know anything about blogging and really only intended it to be a way for family and friends to see what I was … Continue reading

Bikes and Wine in Santa Fe

It’s February in Colorado, which means short, sometimes bone-chilling days, wet, muddy trails and snowbanks that have turned black from car exhaust. I often get cabin fever in the winters and count down the days until I can take my jacket off and bike on dry trails again.  Luckily, from … Continue reading

Finding Wine in Montenegro

Have you ever tasted a Vranac wine from Montenegro? Have you ever tasted any wine from Montenegro? Chances are, it’s not something that you can find at your local wine or liquor store (if you can, I would love to know where you shop!). Until I visited, I had never … Continue reading