Hi, I’m Tracy Regan: traveler, writer, bicycle tour guide and Sommelier. I’m passionate about good food, good wine and good company. I enjoy traveling and exploring new places, especially the outdoors.

Here, I share my stories and lessons learned from staining my hands red with grape juice as I go behind the scenes at wineries all over the world.


Wine is so much more than fermented grape juice. Good wine is all encompassing and speaks of its land, climate and culture. Each bottle of wine has a story behind it, waiting to be unveiled.

Here you will find stories, inspiration, travel advice, wine and winery reviews, food and wine pairings, hosting wine parties and step by step guides on tasting and talking like a Somm.

Discover the world of wine with me one sip at a time!

PS: This post explains why I’m doing this and has a link to my previous travel blog.

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